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November 29, 2022

Things to Know When Hiring the Delivery Driver

By Jason

In Internet-driven world today, many consumers are actually expecting the ordered products to be delivered. Suppose you are delivering items straight and want to hire pilihan lowongan sopir truk ekspedisi, here are a few important considerations that you need to know.

Hiring the qualified delivery driver will be the tough choice, and making any wrong hire means that you can end up with the unreliable and dangerous person driving the company vehicle. So, to avoid this, it is very important you follow the structured hiring procedure, right from determining the different kind of driver you want and posting job ad that helps you review & interview the right candidates or checking the references.

Check Out Driving Skills

The good driver must be skilled in driving. It doesn’t have to be overemphasized like it must be minimum requirement for getting tagged the good driver. You must handle whatever surprises comes ahead, other drivers or other road users may throw at you. Thus, good driver must keep their vehicle in proper control every time.

Vehicle Ownership

Though the driver might use personal car or company-owned car —these situations will bring own considerations. For the driver who is using their own car, you should determine how to make sure that the business logo & brand are properly attached to their vehicle. Placards, car-top signs and magnets are all some options that you can consider.

Informasi penting daftar driver ekspedisi

But, before you slap the brand on car, check the condition. Is this the good representation for you & your brand? You might need to have drivers to clean and maintain their vehicle before letting them to drive it for you.

Responsibilities for Delivery Driver

  • Read, analyze as well as interpret general invoices & delivery sheets.
  • Safely drive & function delivery vehicle every time.
  • Maintain vehicle in proper and clean condition.
  • Help with the work orders as a part of the daily delivery route.
  • Verify delivery of the items with your customer and get right signatures.
  • Can bend to lift, retrieve, and carry equipment and supplies.
  • Work in the safe way just by complying with all the procedures and regulations.
  • Use handheld gadget for routing information and customer delivery details.
  • Responsible for right communication to the customers through phone, fax and email.
  • Inspect loads are rightly secured for safety and compliance.

Thus, your driver should answer any kind of questions that your customer might have about the delivery to maintain proper consistency in the politeness and service.