September 7, 2021

Top 4 uses of cryptocurrency across the globe

By Jason

With increased recognition for the digital mode of transactions, the role of cryptocurrencies has risen. Initially, people were a little reluctant about using cryptos in transactions. But, this was only because they were unaware of the many benefits it offered. Presently we can see a great shift in the approach. Cryptocurrency is being recognized in many places. This is used as a regular, traditional form of money. It is not useful in one but many ways. These are listed below for your reference.

  • For money transfer: Cryptocurrency is very popular for its speed and security. This makes it increasingly acceptable as a mode of payment. Sending money and accepting money is possible at a low cost through the use of cryptocurrency. Money can be sent instantly to any part of the world through secure blockchain technology. Here the payment system is called P2P. This means that without any approval from external/ governmental sources, the transactions can be done at a great speed. Since it is devoid of regulations there is an absence of bank fees, interest charges, etc which are present in the traditional system of banking.
  • A form of wealth: The cryptos like Cardano DEX are being regarded as alternate forms of wealth these days. There is no regulation on these as we have seen above. In times of uncertainty, your regular bank account may become inaccessible and frozen. In such times this serves as a guaranteed form of wealth. No one can freeze this source of digital money. When you don’t have access to your saved money it leads to crisis. A cryptocurrency is a reliable form of stored money. It can be accessed only by those having the private key to the accounts.

Cardano DEX

  • For online gaming: Online gaming platforms have started to recognize cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Many online casinos also treat this as one form of mode of payment. In fact, crypto casinos are operating exclusively also. This is a great benefit for players due to the security it can provide. Also, the mode of payment is decentralized. Chances of fraud are reduced making players relieved.
  • Used for donations to charity: Now that we have seen the regular uses of cryptos, we should also learn that these are used for donating to charities. This type of transaction is safe, fast, and transparent. Due to the many benefits it carries along, donations through cryptocurrencies can help eliminate corruption in charities. It also helps to avoid leakage of funds transferred because no one has access to physical money. It is only stored in electronic format. This is one great feature of digital money that can be effectively used to distribute funds to the needy without any disturbance from intermediaries.