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April 14, 2022

What shades are there for the roofing of terraces?

By Jason

The shading of the patio roof is an important part, because without shading, the patio roof quickly becomes a greenhouse in strong sunlight. The possibilities of shading for the patio roof are diverse, so that everyone can find the right solution for themselves.

The sun sail is certainly the cheapest option . With a flexible sun sail you can shade the patio roof individually. This works very well with a suitable rope tensioning technique. Shading the screen enclosures in Springdale, AR with pleated blinds or blinds between the individual rafters is a little more expensive and complex. Here you usually have the choice between the different materials – from bamboo to fabrics with a wide variety of quality features. Depending on individual requirements, this shading can be operated by hand and a crank or electrically.

The last variant is also the most expensive option, but has its advantages in the long term, similar to the construction of the terrace roof, because it also serves to increase the value of the property. If you want to easily and cheaply shade the patio roof, you can attach opaque fabrics in the size of the individual elements using ropes and hooks. On the one hand, you benefit from sun protection in direct sunlight and sufficient brightness in the dark months of the year.

If you think about hail safety and stability when it comes to glass, you clearly have to make compromises.

In terms of weight, too, glass cannot keep up with double -wall sheets. If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions or if the subsoil is problematic so that a robust support frame is not possible, you should use double-walled sheets rather than glass. Although glass offers transparent properties, you cannot use the terrace to a limited extent in strong sunlight without sun protection.

Transparent double-wall sheets let less of the dangerous UV radiation through and also retain the heat better, so extra sun protection is not absolutely necessary. With double-wall sheets, you can design the patio roof inexpensively and according to your personal ideas, while with glass you should consider that this is not only more expensive to buy, but also more susceptible to damage.