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September 9, 2022

Which is the best site to provide music software for PCs?

To create music, you’ll need to have a trained ear and sensitivity to the subtleties of sound, which isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Furthermore, you might be able to arrange your thoughts and employ them successfully with the aid of strong and useful tools like MAGIX Music Maker. Each line may easily be changed because each part can be highlighted by a different colour. Additionally, it has an Explorer where samples can be dropped. Music Maker is an excellent option for a PC music maker if you are familiar with using a sequencer but don’t want to. If you want to become a music producer who can crank out smooth, poetic compositions in quick succession, you’ll need to have a few essential abilities and tools. Some customers might not need all of the functions provided by specialised apps. They frequently only delay down processes or create problems. Music Maker is an additional option. Anybody can compose music. Magix created this tool to enable you to compose music, record live instruments, mix them, and polish your work. It comes with its own loops, sample library, and a wide range of instruments and effects to meet the needs of just about every composer. You can download for free the top music maker for a computer from Guruprasad. For those who enjoy music, get a music maker for your computer. Each line may easily be changed because each part can be highlighted by a different colour.

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More about Magix

Anyone can download music creator for pc and compose music.

This programme was developed by Magix to let you to compose music, record live instruments, mix them, and complete your project. To accommodate the needs of virtually every composer, it features its own loops, sample library, and a wide variety of effects and instruments. The interface makes altering each line simple because each component can be highlighted by a different colour. Additionally, it has an Explorer where samples can be dropped.

If you can use a sequencer but don’t want to have too many choices that you won’t use, Music Maker is a great solution.

December 25, 2021

Benefits of Using a Free Online Movie Streaming Site

The future of cinema-based entertainment is being altered by online movie streaming. You’ve probably noticed that the quantity and quality of free movie-streaming services has risen. The popularity of online streaming is rising. In a way that the typical remote control cannot provide, one can access any number of movies and TV shows with just one click.

People may now watch free movies and TV episodes online whenever they want, thanks to 123 movie. Also, regardless of time zone, customers can use whichever device they like. The benefits of using free movie streaming sites will be discussed in this post.

  • It reduces download times

When you use an iPad or smartphone, the disk space required by many other programs in a traditional mobile device is quite disproportionate. That means that downloading a single movie or TV show could endanger your device’s efficiency and dependability. A movie-streaming site removes all of this, allowing you to watch your favorite film or television show whenever and however you choose.

  • It lowers the price of entertainment

Subscribing to a television service, buying or renting new movies, and downloading new music all put a strain on your monthly budget. That doesn’t even include the entertainment you get away from home. Free movie streaming sites come to the rescue in this situation, removing the need for downloads and saving money. Instead, the site provides you with free limitless access to movies and television series.

  • It’s practical

Apart from the price, there’s the ease of watching whatever you want, whenever you want, on whatever streaming device you choose. In the midst of life’s hurry and bustle, watching movies provides a respite. Instead of what has been pre-programmed for you, you should be allowed to watch whatever you choose at that time. This is something that movie streaming sites provide, making your movie-watching experience much more convenient.


  • It enables multi-device access

Years later, you might view a movie on your computer, then your laptop, and finally your iPad. And now you may watch a movie on a computer, tablet, iPad, laptop, smartphone, or laptop, not because it is the only option, but because it is the preferred platform. Aside from being free, movie streaming sites give you multi-device access, allowing you to watch movies on any of the devices listed, making your movie watching experience a question of personal preference and convenience.

The library of movie websites would take years to even touch the surface. Many websites offer unrestricted access to the most popular films and television shows from around the world and the United States. In a nutshell, movie streaming sites provide you with access to a large amount of content. Furthermore, the majority of these databases are free.

April 4, 2021

No. 1 Yaari is an Indian web series and Television Talk show

Tollywood movies are very much famous all over the country. Telugu web series these days are also gaining much in popularity. The great content and concept of these web series make them unique. Telugu web series are loved by all these days because of their uniqueness and creativity. The difference between a serial and a web series is that the viewer can watch it without any advertisement in between. Also, they can watch as many episodes as they want to. Talk shows have been in trend for many years. You can watch talk shows online on aha app has released No. 1 Yaari.

No. 1 Yaari is an Indian television talk show available in languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi languages. Viu India has produced the season 1 and 2 of this web series. Aha is the producer of season 3 of this famous television show. Also, the show is sponsored by McDowell’s No.1, and the title of the show is the same as the tagline of the brand. Mame Khan and the music composer Salim- Sulaiman have composed the intro song of the series.

Rana Daggubati was the host of the Telugu series for the three seasons. Salim Merchant and Anushka Manchanda were the hosts for the Hindi web series. Shiva Rajkumar was the host for the Kannada web series. Also, Swwapnil Joshi was the host of the Marathi web series. This web series is a talk show where different celebrities come as a guest. However, the host of the shows talks with them about their personal life or professional life. They have conversations where the film celebrities share stories of their life which inspires many people. Some events make people laugh, some events in their life make people cry.

Aha channel has opened the source of entertainment for all its fans. Not only Telugu movies but also web series are made available online on its platform. The online OTT platform has become a great source of entertainment for all the viewers during this pandemic. Among all the OTT platforms, Aha is the first Indian OTT platform that releases Tollywood movies in its channel. It has also produced many web series which the people love. However, the originals of the aha app get a very high rating. These are also available in many different languages on other platforms.

Because of Aha’s OTT platform, viewers can now watch their favorite web series online on Netflix, Amazon Prime, MX player, and Zee5. These are renowned platforms where Telugu people and people from different linguistic backgrounds can watch movies. Watch no. 1 Yaari show online in the aha app and many other web series. However, these series are available with subtitles for everyone to understand. Subscribe to the Aha channel to get the latest updates about all the movies and talk shows online.

December 26, 2020

Samjam – Samantha Show Review

SamJam is the best time banded together program of T-town empowered by the most sincere and great Samantha Akkineni, giving us all inside nark Samjam is the basic fascinating web network show energized exclusively by a female on an ott stage in India. The show made by Allu Aravind and formed by ArunSeshkumar showed up on the thirteenth November 2020 on Aha. watch samjam web series online for the sake of entertainment and love of telugu stars. Watch Telugu web series online on Aha in telugu.

The show highlights colossal name interviews, fun games, features of some quickening genuine stories which likewise melds kindhearted exercises. What makes Sam jam exceptional is the overpower that Samantha passes on with her. The sagacity and the comic orchestrating is awesome, not regular for any association program. Sam jam is disdained for the youthful and fun time of south India. The show has various fragments that breeze up being a nice and ideal open door for the visitors comparably as the gathering with a running time nearly 60 minutes – 55 mins (subordinate upon the visitor). Samjam has absolutely 5 scenes, in every scene diverse film stars have showed up. In the basic scene it’s Vijay Devarkonda who inspects his engagement of coming into films, his comprehension of life about his associates and family. Scene two highlights the Award-winning supervisor Nag Ashwin (Mahati separation) and the world-known entertainer Rana Dagubatti who talk about motion pictures, their bond, and the significance of being a touch of the business. Scene 3 highlights the prominent games gathering of Hyderabad, SainaNehwal and Pullela Gopichand who talk about their nostalgic story, being a surprising games couple in Hyderabad, experiencing pre-adulthood in an authentic world, their glow for badminton. Scene 4 highlights Tamhana who discusses food, her affection for motion pictures, the bond with Samantha, and proceeding with the life of an acclaimed film star. Scene 5 highlights Samantha’s esteemed accomplice RakulPreet Singh and the giving winning producer Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi broadly known as krish. They talk about the multi favors of RakulPreet, their common love for business, gyming, and some Tollywood nark.

Technical Aspects:

  • An inconceivable vibe tone is set up with the assistance of the most phenomenal set that sets the vibe with a marvelous and stunning touch.
  • The primary establishment score, the music adds a ton of tones to set the vibe of the show.
  • It’s crude and exceptional in nature which permits the gathering to see the real side of the entertainers, like them on a human level
  • Reviewing the gatherings for the games is the most novel inspiration driving interest.

The Host: Samantha is fun and shrewd, she generally remains authentic, dependably acts, for instance, herself, her vibe of capability passes on an immense heap of flavor to the show.

The visitor: Seemed like they gained some exceptional experiences, Samantha made her truly lovely.

The gathering: The live gathering had an extraordinary rapo with Samantha, they had their own excellent spot.

Watch Telugu web series online and be upbeat. Samjam web series online are going on at the present moment.

November 4, 2020

One side love story telugu movie for free to Watch

Aarya 2 is a south indiantelugu action drama film written and directed by Sukumar released in the year 2009. Sukumar is the top-most famous director in telugu film industry as all of his films were a great hit. This film is a squeal for a romantic action drama film “Aarya” released in 2004. Both the films were directed by sukumar. The comedy and action in the film is quite new to that age of cinemas. This is a one side love story. There are many free onine movies on aha.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Allu Arjun

Actress: Kajal Aggarwal

Other actors: Navdeep

Director: Sukumar

Art Director: Chinna

Based: Aditya Arts

Producer: Aditya Babu

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: B. Rajasekar

Editing: Martian K. Venkatesh

Story By: Sukumar, Vema Reddy

Other information:

Runtime: 165 minutes

Release date: 27 November 2009

Genre: Romantic, Action

Box Office: 22CR

Budget: 15CR


The story begins with a kid (aarya) in an orphanage looking to make friends and he decides to be friends with ajay. Aarya is too possessive towards his friend and his slight anti-social behaviour makes it a bit psychotic for Ajay to maintain his friendship with him. Ajay was never happy but he just bares his friendship for time being. A rich couple adopts ajay and takes him away from aarya where aarya feels isolated but ajay feels saved from aarya. Ajay grows up to be an owner of a huge company and Arya enters into ajays life again as Ajay was humiliated by a group of rowdies on the road. Aarya wants to live with ajay and ajay offers him a job where he will be removed if anyone complains about him but aarya makes a positive name for himself by faking. Both of them loves the same person but aarya sacrifices her for ajay. But, as the situation worsens from her family’s wild background, Arya had to save her to help Ajay marry her. But in the meanwhile, story twists and turns around few other side characters with their own plot that makes the love towards her more interesting.

Why to Watch Arya 2:

  • Arya 2 is an epic movie to know the value of friendship and love. The director equally balanced both aspects in a brilliant manner.
  • Music!! Songs are beautifully written and composed. It’s in every ear and mouth.
  • Allu Arjun performance. He is an eye candy for all his fans. It’s a festival to celebrate as it’s his movie.
  • You should definitely watch it to know it’s technical assets. Sukumar is a director who focuses on graphics, edits and new technologies all the time.
  • If you want to just escape from reality and enjoy the emotional hit and fun friendships and pure love, Arya 2 is the best choice.

The story and characterization is the literal visual explanation of struggles and emotional ups and downs of one sided love. It is one of the best entertaining movies in tollywood and you can watch Arya 2 movie online.

August 18, 2020

You can’t wait to Watch “MeeSreyobhilashi” movie online… After reading these reasons

Nowadays, most of the people choosing to watch movies online, as the theatres have not yet opened till now due to COVID 19. There are many OTT platforms to watch online Telugu movies. But, aha streaming came up to watch movies online exclusively for Telugu. Recently Aha movies added MeeSreyobhilashi in their virtual library. So, see the reasons why to watch.


After the blockbuster hit of Aa Naluguru, Indian Charles Chaplin Rajendra Prasad came up with a thoughtful story with the title of “MeeSreyobhilashi” under the direction of Eshwar Reddy. The movie was released on 28th December 2007 and became a super hit. The movie was made under the theme of death drama. The thoughtful story will counsel every depressed people about their life.


Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Nasser, Krishna Bhagawan, etc

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Y. Eshwar Reddy

Music: Koti

Cinematography: K. RavindraBabu

Produced by: Y. Sonia Reddy on VISU Films Pvt. Ltd.


It is an entirely different film, which does not have heroin, duets, and any songs, but only a thoughtful story, which stuck the audience until its climax. Rajendra Prasad appeared as an old aged man who knows about the value of life. Let’s see the story now.

The film gave a message that “No creature in nature commits suicide except one man. The problem must be faced with courage, but suicide is not the solution”.

Reddy (Naresh), a filmmaker who is stuck in a debt trap as the film “Nashanam,” which was supposed to have a budget of Rs 3 crore, has not been completed at least Rs 6 crore. The couple, who seeks refuge in themselves, as their parents do not accept their love. An elderly couple (Radhakumari, Ravi Kondalarao) who want to put an end to their son’s life of starvation in old age. A ticket dealer (Krishna Bhagwan), who deceived the people in the name of tickets and finally got wrapped up in the logs of the tickets, was on the verge of death. A fifteen-year-old boy who failed the tenth exam with interest in music. A housewife was anxious to run away from her husband, who was harassed for not bringing extra dowry. A bus driver (Raghu Babu), who neglected the children and wife. A patient (Chinna), who wish to die at once, instead of dying with the disease, and Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) – all resorted to suicide. If you think about it separately, their problems are not that big. Their problems seem like big mountains to them. Since everyone’s goal is death alone, so, they traveled to Srisailam on the bus with the advice of a Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) that it should be a natural death and not an accident. Some of the events of the six-hour journey end with the realization that death is not the solution.

Highlights and top reasons to watch the movie “MeeSreyobhilashi”:

The film tells the story of how to increase love in life. It is mostly middle-class people who commit suicide. That’s why the story is made up of middle-class characters.

In 2007, it won the Nandi Award under the Best Movie category. The film premiered in the Indian Panorama section in 2008.

This movie was made with very few artists. Rajendra Prasad plays a crucial role in the movie with excellent performance. The character, which Rajendra Prasad played in this movie, has some similarities with his earlier Aa Naluguru film in the context of getup and body language. Actor Naresh appeared as a frustrated producer of films and gave some comedy in the movie. Raghu Babu and Brahmanandam played their roles very effectively; their performance gives hilarious comedy.

It isn’t easy to get success with a story like this without having commercial elements like heroin, glamour, duets, action sequences, etc. But, the director Eshwar Reddy handled the story very capably. The way he narrated the story is marvelous. He included hilarious comedy within the emotional scenes.

Koti’s background music increased intensity to the emotional scenes.

Click here to watch many more Telugu movies online.

Finally: MeeSreyobhilashi, a much-recommended movie for the whole family to get engaged with a thoughtful story.