safety when vaping
September 30, 2021

What types of e-cigarettes are there? How do they differ?

By Jason

A lot has happened since the first e-cigarette was launched. And even if the basic principle has remained the same, the products, and above all the variety and the performance, have improved by worlds. While there was only one type of e-cigarette in the beginning, today we differentiate between regulated and unregulated e-cigarettes , depot and tank systems, and disposable and reusable products.

The common nicotine strengths for e-liquids are 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg per milliliter. For cbd vape juice, generally they offer liquids with 3 mg, because this nicotine strength is often more than sufficient, especially in the sub-ohm range. When choosing the nicotine strength, it should be borne in mind that the nicotine content also changes the taste. The more nicotine, the stronger the flash and throat hit.

Unregulated battery mod

The first e-cigarettes were exclusively unregulated. Unregulated means that the output voltage of the battery is applied directly to the heating wire and thus specifies the output. If the performance of the battery decreases, the development of steam also decreases. The only way to vary the output of an unregulated e-cigarette is to use coils with different resistances. Unregulated vaping still has its fan base, but in general it is hardly of any importance.


Regulated battery mod

Most current mods have control units so that the power can be regulated at the push of a button. Users no longer have to worry about electrical resistance, wire size and winding. In the beginning, regulated battery mods had the disadvantage compared to unregulated ones that the performance was significantly lower. Less power means less steam. However, modern e-cigarettes today also achieve regulated outputs of over 200 W and have thus also eliminated this problem.

With electrical circuits, the safety of e-cigarettes has also been significantly improved. Today’s models have protective measures that protect the battery from overheating or deep discharge.

Handling the e-cigarette is not very laborious. However, there are a few things to consider in order to get the best result and enjoy your vaping for a long time.

Please make sure that the battery, if not fully charged, is at least charged enough to get you through the day safely. Nothing is more annoying than running out of juice. This applies to the battery as well as to the tank. It is a good idea to hang the mod on the socket overnight. Depending on the model and steam behavior, one charge lasts for several hours to several days.