August 18, 2020

You can’t wait to Watch “MeeSreyobhilashi” movie online… After reading these reasons

By Jason

Nowadays, most of the people choosing to watch movies online, as the theatres have not yet opened till now due to COVID 19. There are many OTT platforms to watch online Telugu movies. But, aha streaming came up to watch movies online exclusively for Telugu. Recently Aha movies added MeeSreyobhilashi in their virtual library. So, see the reasons why to watch.


After the blockbuster hit of Aa Naluguru, Indian Charles Chaplin Rajendra Prasad came up with a thoughtful story with the title of “MeeSreyobhilashi” under the direction of Eshwar Reddy. The movie was released on 28th December 2007 and became a super hit. The movie was made under the theme of death drama. The thoughtful story will counsel every depressed people about their life.


Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Nasser, Krishna Bhagawan, etc

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Y. Eshwar Reddy

Music: Koti

Cinematography: K. RavindraBabu

Produced by: Y. Sonia Reddy on VISU Films Pvt. Ltd.


It is an entirely different film, which does not have heroin, duets, and any songs, but only a thoughtful story, which stuck the audience until its climax. Rajendra Prasad appeared as an old aged man who knows about the value of life. Let’s see the story now.

The film gave a message that “No creature in nature commits suicide except one man. The problem must be faced with courage, but suicide is not the solution”.

Reddy (Naresh), a filmmaker who is stuck in a debt trap as the film “Nashanam,” which was supposed to have a budget of Rs 3 crore, has not been completed at least Rs 6 crore. The couple, who seeks refuge in themselves, as their parents do not accept their love. An elderly couple (Radhakumari, Ravi Kondalarao) who want to put an end to their son’s life of starvation in old age. A ticket dealer (Krishna Bhagwan), who deceived the people in the name of tickets and finally got wrapped up in the logs of the tickets, was on the verge of death. A fifteen-year-old boy who failed the tenth exam with interest in music. A housewife was anxious to run away from her husband, who was harassed for not bringing extra dowry. A bus driver (Raghu Babu), who neglected the children and wife. A patient (Chinna), who wish to die at once, instead of dying with the disease, and Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) – all resorted to suicide. If you think about it separately, their problems are not that big. Their problems seem like big mountains to them. Since everyone’s goal is death alone, so, they traveled to Srisailam on the bus with the advice of a Rajaji (Rajendra Prasad) that it should be a natural death and not an accident. Some of the events of the six-hour journey end with the realization that death is not the solution.

Highlights and top reasons to watch the movie “MeeSreyobhilashi”:

The film tells the story of how to increase love in life. It is mostly middle-class people who commit suicide. That’s why the story is made up of middle-class characters.

In 2007, it won the Nandi Award under the Best Movie category. The film premiered in the Indian Panorama section in 2008.

This movie was made with very few artists. Rajendra Prasad plays a crucial role in the movie with excellent performance. The character, which Rajendra Prasad played in this movie, has some similarities with his earlier Aa Naluguru film in the context of getup and body language. Actor Naresh appeared as a frustrated producer of films and gave some comedy in the movie. Raghu Babu and Brahmanandam played their roles very effectively; their performance gives hilarious comedy.

It isn’t easy to get success with a story like this without having commercial elements like heroin, glamour, duets, action sequences, etc. But, the director Eshwar Reddy handled the story very capably. The way he narrated the story is marvelous. He included hilarious comedy within the emotional scenes.

Koti’s background music increased intensity to the emotional scenes.

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Finally: MeeSreyobhilashi, a much-recommended movie for the whole family to get engaged with a thoughtful story.