November 28, 2021

This Is How to Install an Oil Tank

By Jason

It is essential to know the application of your oil tank to install it properly. A home’s heating system, including the boiler and piping system, maybe fed by an oil tank. This will require a stand-alone oil tank installation westchester county ny to clear away any underground obstacles in the area you plan to set up your tanks. A second option for your oil tanks is to have them installed within the basement or garage of your home.

Oil Tanks for Heating Systems

1) Plan Ahead when Preparing for Oil Tank Installation – If there are no obstructions under the ground where you wish to set up your heating system’s oil tank, then digging can be done easily, even with just essential tools at hand. Prepare a large enough hole to fit the dimensions of your tank, and at least 2 inches deeper than the length and width of your tank.

2) Know Your Heating System’s Oil Tank Size – The size of your heating system’s oil tank is dependent on what type of home you have, whether it be large or small, residential or commercial, etc. If you are not sure about the dimensions, either way, check the manual that comes with your heating system for this information.

3) Set Up an Oil Tank Stand – The best way to set up your oil tank stand is by making use of wood boxes made out of heavy-duty lumber with thick planks pre-nailed at intervals along its parts’ underside.

4) Place Your Oil Tank in the Box – Use a hydraulic jack to screw the bottom section of your oil tank stand into the ground. Make sure that it is firmly attached there by either connecting the support pillars directly on top of your box’s pillars or setting another layer of thick, pre-nailed planks on top of them as well.

5) Pour Cement Around Your Oil Tank Stand for Additional Support – Set up your oil tank inside its stand and then fill in any empty space around both the top and bottom sections with cement to ensure that both sections will be firmly held in place despite their weight and size.