massage therapy in Coral Springs
May 17, 2022

The importance of massage

By Jason

Massage is used in beauty centres and spas as a fundamental part of all treatments, hence the importance given to it by professionals.

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of all wellness centres, and this is achieved with quality therapies and excellent care. For this reason, all the details must be followed and taken care of before, during and after the treatments. We must bear in mind that the client obtains a global vision of the service, from the moment he enters the centre until he leaves.

It may be that the massage therapy in Coral Springs itself has been well carried out but in the reception, the treatment with the client or the inadequate air conditioning of the cabin, among others, is deficient and this can cause the client to leave with a negative perception of the service. from our centre. For this reason, we all must follow specific steps before, during and after treatment.

The way you work, the hygiene, the cleanliness of your centre, the time spent, the welcome and the farewell of the client can make him become a regular. The set of all these aspects will be the business protocol of the beauty salon. Massage is both an art and a science. Massages are part of aesthetic treatments and return the necessary energy and well-being to the body, as well as achieving absolute relaxation.

A massage is very pleasant and its effects are cumulative since its frequent use reinforces its benefits. Massage strengthens the immune system, being beneficial for various physical and mental ailments that weaken the body. People who receive massages regularly improve their performance and are more alert, more motivated and less stressed. They reduce anxiety, tension and depression.

Massage products

The different massage products cream, gels, oils, etc… Differ mainly in 3 aspects:

Texture: almost all of them have an oily base that allows the hands to glide well over the skin, finding different textures in oils, creams and gels.

Aroma: we could say that all massage products have their aroma, even those considered neutral.

Added components: often, different nutritional or therapeutic substances are included in the massage product, which will improve the nutrition of the skin and give rise to a therapeutic effect, mainly local or regional.