September 22, 2022

How To Prevent Discharge From Dog’s Eyes?

By Jason

Eye discharges are common problems for dogs. It is the sign of an infection to allergies available for treatments. There are specific conditions to follow to reduce the eye discharges of your dogs. Learn about the cause, treatments, and medications for Discharge From Dog’s Eyes.


The discharges can be of different types. Clear discharges do not have signs of infection and are the allergies. It can be dust or wind directly hitting the eyes. The watery discharges are the particles of mucus from a foreign body and eyelash. However, discharges yellow in color or green are the signs of an infection. Talk with the veterinarian to find the root cause of the discharges. It has eye problems that can result in blindness or loss of an eye. Do not leave this condition untreated as may be an infection spreading inside.

Discharge From Dog’s Eyes

Steps for applying for medicines

The treatments of eye discharges require eye drops or the application of ointments. There are administration procedures with the below tips-

  • Keep the eye drops or ointments nearby to clean the area and prevent discharges.
  • Clean the dog’s eye with warm water and cotton balls
  • Tilt the dog’s head for a few minutes and put the eye drops directly
  • Rest your hand on the dog’s head so, it does not get hit with the eye drops
  • Squeeze a few drops on the dog’s eye from the upper part of the eye
  • Apply the eye ointments by pulling down the eyelid creating a pocket
  • Rest the hand on the dog’s head and move it to hit the eye
  • The ointment applicator makes a ribbon with the dog’s eye

Prevention of the eye problem

Observe your dog’s eye at first and check the pupils. It remains the same size so that the vision stays clear. The eyes should be free from crusts and white discharges around the iris. There can be little or no tearing with visible inner lids. Pull down the dog’s lower eyelids and check the color. The healthy portion is red, white, or pink in the lower lids.

If you notice tearing or discharges, cloudy or squinted eyes then, consult with the veterinarian immediately. Do not leave the condition untreated because it may worsen.

Final thoughts

Keep long hairs out of the dog’s eye for cleaning.  Trim the long hairs around the eyes to keep them out of eye reach. Carefully bathe them to prevent soaps or tick-free shampoo into the eyes. Watch for the signs like redness or squinting to clear the problems.