Instagram Likes
December 18, 2022

Can You Buy Real Instagram Likes?

By Jason

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites. Anyone can sign up and create an account. On Instagram, it seems like every day there are more people who are reaching out to buy Instagram likes or buy followers for Instagram. There are many reasons why people want to do this- for example, some may want their accounts to look more legitimate or others may want to simply gain popularity on the site by having a higher number of likes on posts that they make.

What Are You Paying For?

It is important to understand that when you purchase Instagram likes or followers, you are not actually paying for real people to like your photos. The sites that sell Instagram followers only provide bots with accounts. In fact, these bots can be used in a negative way and can damage your account.

Why Use Bots?

There are many reasons why someone would choose to buy Instagram likes or buy followers on Instagram instead of using real people. For example, on Instagram, you can choose to have your posts age-restricted. This means that only people of a certain age will be able to see your posts. If someone only has a few teenagers following their account then it could look like there are not many followers on their account.

Instagram Likes

However, if you buy Instagram likes or buy followers for Instagram, it can make the account look that much more popular. Another reason why you may use fake accounts is if you hope to get more engagement on your photos. Instagram likes are another way to get the numbers your photos should have in order for your audience to stay interested. In some cases, if you have a lot of likes on your photos, then you will have a high chance of getting more engagement, which means that people will click on posts and follow you.

Why Do People Use Bots?

Another reason why people buy instagram likes and buy followers on Instagram is because you can use these fake accounts to get followers for your personal account and to gain more popularity for your brand. They may also use this tactic in order to get more business, so that they can have more customers. If you have a business, then having a large number of followers can help you gain more exposure and it will draw more customers to your page.

What Do the Services Offer?

When you make a purchase on these sites, you generally buy followers or Instagram likes. You might be able to get a package that gives you a certain number of likes for free but most of the time, you have to pay for more. The packages vary from $10 – $50 sometimes. However, some sites offer just one Instagram account and others will offer you access to multiple accounts at once.